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Consultancy Services

From comprehensive consulting, project management, training, delivery and outcome evaluation, we provide solutions that help manage your educational programs.

We at LLF ensure that you have a robust educational initiative- suited and tailored to your needs.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

With an aim to build sustainable communities, our work enables youth to collaborate and innovate, both locally and internationally.

Supporting communities and societies with indigenous innovations, we aim to drive economic growth, promote social innovation and create an entrepreneurial spirit.

Citizenship & Inclusion

Our citizenship programs propel youth into the real world of governance, by providing them opportunities to identify and solve problems in their communities.

The program aims to prepare youth with skills, knowledge and attitudes to be committed and active citizens in their communities, as well as at the national and global levels.

Student Empowerment Programme
Student Empowerment Programme

The Student Empowerment Program has been designed by us to help students acquire skills to improve communication, confidence, motivation and interpersonal skills to reach his or her greatest potential. The students discover life skills that help them blossom into secure, confident young adults.

Our Team

Dr. Anjlee Prakash

Anjlee Prakash Dr. Anjlee Prakash, CEO of Learning Links Foundation is a PhD in Education and has over 24 years experience in the field of education, training and educational technology. She has worked extensively in both the government and the private sector, providing consultancy support to the Central Government and Curriculum framing bodies on education practices, the use of educational technology in curriculum transaction and assessment.

As an educationist, Dr. Prakash has greatly contributed to furthering education in the country in various consultative roles. For three years, the Department of Computer Technology and Technological Aids at the NCERT has sought Dr. Prakash's expertise in the field of pedagogy and she has advised them in the process of national curricula planning in the areas of research, training and development. She is a member of the state of Haryana's committee formulated to provide inputs on the ICT in Education Policy for the State. She has been nominated for three years as a member of the Academic Council of the Central University of Jammu .Dr Anjlee Prakash is also a member of the consulting group for the National Mission for Education through ICT (NMEICT).

Dr. Prakash has greatly contributed to furthering entrepreneurship and collaboration among women. She has been nominated as a member of the National Cooperative Committee for Empowerment of Women and has helped formulate strategies to solve socio – economic issues facing women by having them trained and participate in the cooperative movement of India. She was invited by (DWEN) Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in June 2012 for in – depth discussion on "Innovation through Collaboration".

Dr. Anjlee Prakash travels extensively, participating and presenting at various national and international seminars and conferences and is well known for her contributions in the fields of educational technology, pedagogy and assessment.  To mention a few, Dr. Anjlee Prakash was invited to participate in the Education Leadership Forum 2011 held at Hong Kong where she presented a case study on the Foundation's work done in Rajasthan. She was invited by MHRD in June 2011 for formulation of the Twelfth Five Year Plan – Constitution of Working Group on Secondary and Vocational Education. Dr Anjlee was also invited as a Delegate Speaker at the State Education Round table in Lucknow, where the theme of the Roundtable was: Role of ICT adoption in Secondary Education for Global Competitiveness.

Case Studies

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