About Us


Transforming learning by unlocking its lifelong role and impact.

We inspire true learning from an early age and create links to enable learning across different stages of life.

The Power of Learning

'Learning is the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes.'

We believe Learning is inherently progressive. When we equate learning with education alone, we’re more likely to focus on generating answers – which is limiting. Real learning, on the other hand, is about questions, about navigating ambiguity and challenges – which is liberating. Learning is about life.

Learning Links Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching lives through learning.



To foster purpose and progress by unlocking lifelong learning.


Dr. Anjlee Prakash Chairperson

An educationist with over 32 years’ experience, Dr. Anjlee Prakash is the founder ... and chairperson of Learning Links Foundation. Dr. Anjlee is widely recognized in the education ecosystem for the several positions of responsibility that she has held in academic, government, non-government and corporate committees. Her passion is focusing on girl child and women empowerment across the Foundation's projects.

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Mrs. Lalita Prakash Trustee

Ms. Lalita Prakash is a Masters in Economics and a highly experienced educator having ... taught at St. Paul’s School, Rourkela, Odisha. Her dedication to promoting equity in education and her resolve to see every child in India gain access to high quality education has seen her devote extensive time, effort and resources towards supporting the vision of Learning Links Foundation.

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Ms. Agnes Nathan Trustee and Principal Partner

Ms. Agnes Nathan has over 25 years’ experience in empowering educators and institutions, ... across the country and globally. In her current role as Principal Partner, she forges new partnerships to increase donor support for the Foundation’s multiple programs across India.
As a ‘change leader’, she is passionate about designing impactful and contextual interventions while ensuring all practices align with the organizational mission and the Foundation’s Code of Ethics.

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Mr. Ashok Gupta Trustee

Mr. Ashok Gupta started his entrepreneurial journey at a very early age. Having led multiple ... successful enterprises over the years; his business acumen and drive places him amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. He strongly believes in the power of education and learning to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized and lends his expertise to several educational institutions.

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Prof. Dr. Mathew Titus Trustee

Prof. Dr. Mathew Titus is Managing Partner of Market & Eco System Advisory, a firm that focuses on inclusion ... and on developing sustainable markets. Titus has been the Executive Director of Sa-Dhan and served on several notable committees such as the Prime Minister's Council on MSME, Advisory Board Member of NABARD on Microfinance Development and Equity Fund and Advisory Board Member of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

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Awards & Recognition

  • GuideStar India Advance Level-Gold Certification, June 2023

  • Indian CSR Awards - Best 3 Social Welfare Initiatives of the Year, 2023 (Brandhonchos)

  • India CSR Summit 2023 & ESG Forum – Education (Large), 2023

  • BETT Asia 2023 – The Disrupter Award, Shortlisted, 2023

  • Great Place to Work - Best Workplaces for Women in India, 2022

  • Education 2.0 - Outstanding Leadership Award, 2022

  • 8th CSR Impact Awards 2022 – CSR Implementing Agency of the Year, 2022

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Summit & Awards 2022 – Most Committed NGO Award, 2022

  • Great Place to Work® Institute, India, and is certified as a great workplace.

  • Humanitarian Excellence Award – Organization Category by I Can Foundation

  • Mahatma Awards – Mahatma Award, 2021

  • 7th CSR Impact Awards 2021- Special Jury Mention Award, Skills Development, 2021

  • Volunteer Awards – Finalist, Leader in Volunteer Engagement, iVolunteer, 2020

  • Top 50 Organizations in Education, GFEL Dubai, 2019

  • FICCI CSR Excellence Award, 2018-19

  • Leader in Volunteer Engagement, iVolunteer, 2019

  • 2 Good 4 Good rating by ET, 2019

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified – Quality Assured

  • KalamInnovation in Governance Award 2019

  • Featured in the top 10 NGOs in the Education Category, 2017

  • Ranked as one of the the Top 10 Best NGOs to Work For in India, 2015

  • Outstanding Achievement in Online Safety by Family Online Safety Institute in 2015

  • Haryana State Award for supporting quality education, 2014


Learning Links Foundation is a registered Not-for-Profit Trust, which was established in 2002. The Trust has been granted exemption under section 12AA & 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Moreover, the Trust has been registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 for carrying out educational activities on 28.12.2005. The registration has been further renewed for a period of 5 years with effect from 1st April, 2022.

The Trust has also been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification from British Standard Institution vide Certificate No. FS 697807 effective from 26th September, 2021 and it is valid for 3 years for compliance.

We are committed towards accountability and transparency in our governance practices, in compliance with the prevailing laws. We meticulously monitor our programs and ensure that funds are spent efficiently. Our financial statements can be found in this section. 

Our annual reports encapsulate our initiatives for each financial year, the progress we made, and the impact we had, as well as a summary of our financial details. 

Financial Reports

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Annual Reports

PDF Download

Financial Reports

Financial Reports 2022-23

  • Quarterly FC Receipts - Apr22-Jun22.pdf

  • LLF FCRA-Balance Sheet-FY 2022-23.pdf

  • LLF Balance Sheet-FY 2022-23.pdf

Financial Reports 2021-22

  • Quarterly FC Receipts - Oct21-Dec21.pdf

  • LLF Q4, FY 21-22 FCRA return.pdf

  • LLF Balance sheet FY 21-22.pdf

  • LLF FCRa balance sheet 21-22.pdf

  • FCRA Qtly return July 2021-Sep 2021.pdf

  • LLF FCRA quarterly return Q1 FY 21-22.pdf

Financial Reports 2020-21

  • LLF Balance sheet FY 20-21.pdf

  • LLF FCRA Balance sheet 20-21.pdf

  • FCRA Qtly return Jul 2020-Sep 2020.pdf

  • FCRA Qtly return Apr 2020-Jun 2020.pdf

  • FCRA Qtly return Jan 2021-Mar 2021.pdf

  • FCRA Qtly return Oct 2020-Dec 2020.pdf

Financial Reports 2019-20

  • Auditor's Report 2019-2020.pdf

  • FCRA Grants 2019-2020.pdf

  • FCRA Balance sheet 19-20.pdf

Financial Reports 2018-19

  • Auditor's Report 2018-19.pdf

  • FCRA Auditor's Report 2018-19.pdf

  • FCRA Grants 2018-19.pdf

Financial Reports 2017-18

  • Auditor's Report 2017-18.pdf

  • FCRA Auditor's Report 2017-18.pdf

  • FCRA Grants 2017-18.pdf

Financial Reports 2016-17

  • Auditor's Report 2016-17.pdf

  • FCRA Auditor's Report 2016-17.pdf

  • FCRA Grants 2016-17.pdf

Financial Reports 2015-16

  • Auditor's Report 2015-16.pdf

  • FCRA Grants Oct 2015-Dec 2015.pdf

  • FCRA Grants Jan 2016-Mar 2016.pdf

Financial Reports 2014-15

  • Auditor's Report 2014-15.pdf


Annual Reports

Annual Reports 2022-23

  • llf-annual-report-2022-23.pdf

Annual Reports 2021-22

  • annual-report-llf-2021-22.pdf

Annual Reports 2020-21

  • annual-report-llf-2020-21.pdf

Annual Reports 2019-20

  • Annual Report_2019-20.pdf

Annual Reports 2018-19

  • Annual-Report-2018-19.pdf

Annual Reports 2017-18

  • Annual-Report-2017-18.pdf

Annual Reports 2016-17

  • Annual Report 2016-17.pdf