Amazon Delivering Smiles 2022 Expression of Interest (EoI)

Delivering SmilesPlease note: This program is open to non-profit organizations on an invite-only basis. Please do not forward or share this form.

Amazon welcomes you to participate in the Delivering Smiles program for 2022.

The program is designed to address the need for access to digital learning infrastructure for students from low-income and under-served communities, in a sustainable manner. Amazon wishes to support non-profit organizations with necessary digital devices to help address the digital divide amongst these students and also enhance the overall learning experience & outcomes.

Amazon has engaged the Learning Links Foundation (LLF) to manage the onboarding, grant disbursement and monitoring for the Delivering Smiles program.Delivering Smiles

Delivering Smiles Delivering Smiles

Key Eligibility Criteria

The organizations willing to apply for the Delivering Smiles program for 2022:

  • Should be able to provide all the documents necessary for due diligence process
  • Should have experience in establishing digital/STEM/tinkering labs in schools or communities
  • Should have/be able to put in necessary mechanisms to ensure security of the lab equipment and their safe usage by students, teachers, resource persons etc.
  • Should be able to get into an MoU/LoI with concerned govt agency/partner organisation where equipment is to be deployed, in the scenario they are not being utilised by the recipient NGO themselves
  • Should ensure that teachers and students are given orientation session on the safe and secure usage of the digital devices provided through this grant. Amazon/LLF shall provide the necessary content for orientation in case the grant recipient organizations do not have requisite content.
Delivering Smiles

Milestones & Timeline

Following are the key milestones of the Delivering Smiles 2022 program and their estimated timeline:

Delivering Smiles

Please note: Between 2- 14 Nov we will reach out to you for a Call for RFP by Amazon/LLF based on eligibility from documents submitted through this EOI form.

Delivering Smiles

Amazon invites grassroot non-profit organizations actively working with low-income and under-served students, to send in your application via this Expression of Interest (EoI) Form on or before 10 November, 2022, to be eligible for consideration for the program.

Delivering Smiles Delivering Smiles
Delivering Smiles Delivering Smiles


This is a non-FCRA grant.

Please refer to the aforementioned timelines section.

Amazon would prefer that the grant be utilized primarily for covering the cost of infrastructure for an already existing program that you run. However, Amazon will consider this on a case to case basis, subject to the relevance of this to the program objectives.

Amazon encourages you to leverage your existing curriculum modules for student learning. Additionally, through the Learning Links Foundation, you will be provided with the following resources to use in your ongoing programs.

- Hour of Code Activities: These are one hour hands-on engaging block programming activities that will help students understand how easily they can learn about coding and also provide a broad understanding of computer science. These activities are appropriate for Grade 3 to 10 students. The activities will be accessible through online open-secure platforms like and have instructions to conduct the activities so that it is easier for both teachers & students to follow.

- Block Programming Fundamentals: This module helps children learn the basics of programming like algorithms, loops, conditionals etc. via simple game/animated block coding activities. The module has 10hrs facilitation sessions and 10hrs self-learning activities to be attempted online. This module is appropriate for Grade 5 to 10 students.

- Fundamentals of AR/VR: This module aims to teach Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality concepts to children through exciting games/puzzles. The module has 10-15hrs of content that teachers can facilitate and students can practice on an online open-secure platform. This module is appropriate for Grade 5 to 10 students.

- Microcontroller & Sensors Module: Students having access to physical hardware components like Arduino microcontrollers and sensors can learn about basic electronics, and hands-on electronics & IoT projects. The module will be in the form of lesson plans/guides with activity instructions. This is appropriate for Grade 6 to 12 students.

- CS Fundamentals Unplugged: This module will help students understand the fundamentals of computer science through activities that do not necessarily require internet connection. The module will have video lessons or instructions that both teachers and students can easily follow. This is appropriate for Grade 5 to 10 students.

- Learning HTML & CSS: This module will enable students to develop a functional website and also prepare them to learn advanced concepts related to web development & allied functions so that their job readiness increases. The course can be facilitated or students can self-learn it. The module can be accessible either online or offline. This is appropriate for Grade 9 to 12 students.

We will provide detailed guidelines at the next stage, when Requesting for a Proposal. However, please refer to this Guidelines for Digital Labs document for more information.

Reference to point no. 16 in the EoI form that asks for a LoI/MoU with government schools or local/district/state level education department, please note down the clarifications below

  • This year Delivering Smiles grant will not encourage recipient orgs to donate digital devices directly to children or any format that allows unsupervised usage of devices
  • The devices will have to be installed at or provided to educational institution/s (government schools, community centers, NGO owned or run education centers) so that children availed devices in shared mode under supervision of resource person/teacher/trainer
  • Wherever the digital devices are installed in educational institutions, it is expected from the recipient orgs to have a formal understanding in the form of LoI or MoU or any other suitable document with the educational institution/s where the devices will be installed. The formal understanding can be developed directly with the educational institution/s or its affiliated government authority
  • Recipient orgs utilizing devices themselves for their community center or educational center should provide an undertaking to confirm that they will take the responsibility to ensure that devices are used in shared mode under supervision

You may please write to Mr Syed Ashraf at
In case your queries are not resolved within 3-4 days you may contact Ms Kezia Fernandes at

Please note that the information and supporting documents sought through this EoI will be kept confidential and shall be referred to solely from the objective & purpose of Delivering Smiles grant.

Delivering Smiles

I have read & understood these details and would like to proceed with filling up the EOI.

Delivering Smiles
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