We measure impact in terms of change in learning levels, teaching and skills.

Education Solutions for Lifelong Learning


Over 50,000 students across intervention schools in Tamil Nadu show 25% to 30% increase in literacy and numeracy levels.


100% children from 16 intervention communities in Jawhar, Maharashtra are enrolled in schools.


95% of Grade V target beneficiaries from over 700 schools in Tamil Nadu have joined middle schools.

A LEAP to Transformation

"Had it not been for LEAP program and the RPs, I would have not been transformed."
- Manish

Case Study

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& Innovation


Over 95% teachers in intervention schools in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi/NCR have integrated technology in their teaching practices.


Over 75,000 students from ATL project schools across India empowered with tinkering, computational and design thinking skills.


1000+ students participated in over 100 science competitions and won 14 international and 42 national awards.


Nature Based Solution

"Sometimes the results took as long as a month to arrive. The fact that my project was leading to an innovation and that it could potentially aid in one of the world’s biggest challenges of providing potable water to communities is what kept me going throughout that period! I would eagerly wait for the test results, every single time!"
- Aashraya

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& Development


Over 20 partner organisations have successfully implemented their education initiatives across the globe


Mentored educational institutions/ organizations in 10 countries across the Asia-Pacific region


Presented insights in over 75 conferences across the globe

Skill Building
& Entrepreneurship


More than 90% teachers across intervention schools in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan demonstrate higher teaching efficiency in classroom practices.


Over 100 state and central government partnerships formed to spread financial literacy in 243 districts across India.


In Gujarat and Coimbatore, 75% of the trainees are in a job or pursuing further education in an area of their interest.


Employability Skills Training

"This program focuses not only on the theoretical part, but also on practical training, which has helped in developing us as professionals. The concept itself is exciting, giving real meaning to the term ‘Skilling India’, and has brought us all the way from Bhuj to be trained in the aerospace tooling sector."
- Govind Shamra Gadhvi 

Case Study

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