If change is the only thing constant, then learning has to keep up. We stay ahead of the learning curve by developing future facing solutions.

The Learning4Future initiative is Learning Links Foundation’s response to its vision “to foster purpose and progress by unlocking lifelong learning”. Since 2002, Learning Links Foundation is committed to providing individuals with learning and professional development opportunities. Our programs have influenced over 2 million beneficiaries in India to aspire and achieve.

The Learning4Future initiative offers


Our fortnightly podcast series blends emergent conversation with academic rigor into short episodes that support lifelong learning. Listen to founders connect the past with the present. Journey with eminent educationists, technologists, education specialists, and entrepreneurs as they discuss their experiences in shaping the education ecosystem and explore trends that will define learning in the future.

The Learning Tree A library of online resources

The unexpected shift to remote learning in 2020 has prompted Learning Links Foundation to offer teachers and school leaders open access to resources that support knowledge expansion and skill enhancement. Videos by subject experts offer tips on effective classroom practices and use of teaching-learning materials, subject enrichment strategies, toolkits on sustainability and scalability and much more. All resources are available for download on any device.